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Bring your designs to life with AutoCAD and Revit. Master industry standard software in a crystal clear and easy to use method Software.

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 AutoCAD and Revit can be taken independently

Autocad Revit Course

“Thank you so much for an amazing and thorough course. I enjoyed the classes every week and loved learning the programs. The lessons were always clear and explained in a simple way, which gave me the ability to truly become proficient in AutoCAD and Revit. BH I recently started working in an architect firm in Brooklyn and I am currently an architectural designer for residential plans. I hope to one day design and draw commercials. I enjoy my job immensely.”


Design like a Pro,
Alongside our Exceptional Students!

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“At the high-level design firm I work at, they keep telling me,“We can’t believe you’ve only taken a 1-year program. All the other designers have taken a 4-year course and your knowledge + skills are on par — and in some ways even exceed them.” I couldn’t be more grateful that I chose Design Alive.”

Chana Kramer
Belso Design & Build

You are the perfect fit for this course if you are a

Room rearranger Do you ever enter a room and start mentally reshuffling everything like a tetris board?

Kitchen creative
Is your passion for kitchen design so great that it's practically pulling you towards a career in it?

Space planner
Did you ever imagine turning your talent for space planning into a  career?

Customize your learning
experience to fit your schedule

 Live Learning  Self- paced learning           
icon_small (32) When AutoCAD runs from
Oct - March
Revit runs from
March 17 -July.
Complete in your own time and at your own pace. You are able to begin at any point during the year. 
icon_small (31) Classes Revit course time options:
Sun 9.15-11.45 AM EST or
Wed 9.15-11.45 AM EST
AutoCAD: 20 classes 
Revit: 18 Classes
icon_small (30) Perfect for someone who needs Real-time interaction with instructors and classmates, structure and accountability. Starting point any time during the year, and want to complete the course at your own pace.
icon_small (29) Advantages Interact in a classroom setting, learn from lecturers, and establish real-time relationships. Start whenever you need, create a personalized schedule, and work at your own pace to complete the course.

Meet your instructor

Shifra Bender

AutoCAD and Revit

Meet Shifra - a talented instructor proficient in AutoCAD and Revit. With over a decade of experience in residential housing design, Shifra shares her precise and in-depth knowledge in this enlightening course. Shifra's passion for these programs shines through her patient and understanding teaching style, making learning an riveting experience

Your Syllabus

Fundamentals of 2D AutoCAD

Introduction to AutoCAD interface and basic commands. 
Understanding drawing tools and settings.

Precision Drawing and Editing Techniques

Acquire the proficiency to customize your drawings with precise detailing and annotations.
Explore advanced features like layer management and dimensioning.
Ensuring your mastery of AutoCAD for diverse architectural applications.
Techniques for efficient and organized designs.

Advanced Drafting Plans

Apply these commands to create floor plans, elevations and sections, ceiling plans, electrical layouts, kitchen and bathroom designs, stairs, and spatial arrangements.

Layout Setup and Presentation in AutoCAD

Gaining expertise in setting up layouts, including understanding paper space and model space. Enabling you to present your designs in a professional and organized manner.

Introduction to Revit

Overview of the Revit interface, navigation, and basic functionalities.

Revit Architecture Essentials

Creating and managing fundamental architectural elements: walls, doors, windows, and floors.
Developing a comprehensive understanding of families and components in Revit.
Introduction to drafting tools, annotation, and dimensioning.

Advanced Drafting Plans

Generating various view types, including floor plans, sections, elevations, and 3D views.

Designing Bathroom and Kitchen layouts.

Views and Documentation in Revit

Creating detailed construction documentation.
Generating schedules for effective project management.
Incorporating realistic materials and lighting for improved visualizations.

Bonus Section


Learn Enscape rendering techniques to make your architectural designs truly stand out.

LinkedIn and

Setting up Linkedin- Learn to connect with industry professionals, expand your network, and display your Designs and portfolio for your own professional career.
Learn essential business fundamentals, such as invoicing, pricing, and client management.

Design like a Pro,
Alongside our Exceptional Students!

Why Choose Design Alive’s AutoCAD & Revit Course

No upsells, complete education tailored for landing a job

Join a community of like minded peers with job postings and support

Earn credits with our recognised college level courses


Employment opportunities  

Our graduates are successfully working for a number of well-known interior designers and architects. Some have even opened their own business.You could also be part of the staff at construction, development and architecture companies to do their drafts and renderings. Employment opportunities – Long after the course ends, you’ll have access to an exclusive Design Alive jobs board. On average, 30 jobs are posted monthly.


Live learning option- All classes and feedback is live.  The course starts in October-July, students learn in a class structure, and learn at the pace of the class
Self Pace option – Students begin at any time during the year. The course is completed at the students own pace. Homework, Grading homework,  and correspondence is all done over email between teachers and students.

Yes, you can pay for the course over 12 payments.

Yes. Upon successful completion of all projects and program tests (including regular attendance), students will be presented with a certificate of completion from Design Alive.
There is also an option to gain accreditation for courses completed that can be put towards a degree

No training needed for AutoCAD (though you should be comfortable with a computer), but it’ll be helpful to have a good grasp of AutoCAD (or familiarity with floor plans) before moving on to Revit.

You are expected to watch each class. 

The course is built around the Jewish year with a winter (Chanukah) vacation and vacation during the month of Nissan. A course calendar will be emailed to all students after registration.


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