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I completely enjoyed the DI Course! I received my first digital illustration job only a few weeks into the course, through Adina’s referral. Adina and Lea have been available for guidance – both for business and illustration advice, as I am starting my career. It’s amazing how I am pursuing my hobby and having income at the same time!

Chavee Fink

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I’m really enjoying the course! I might be learning this differently than others since I already know how to work the program…but there’s always more to learn and it is used differently for illustration. It’s being taught really well and clear:)!! Thanks so much!I find it really cool how one program could be used in so many different ways and do so many things! Thanks!

Rivky Illowitz

You are the perfect fit for this course if you are

You have always been enjoyed doodling but would like to start to earn money from your hobby

Summer + talent
Have time over the summer and want to turn your talent into something more

Passionate artist
Just graduated high school/sem and looking for to turn your passion into a career

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 Live Learning
icon_small (20) When December 4, 2023
icon_small (21) Classes 2 Classes per week
icon_small (22) Perfect for someone who needs Real-time interaction with instructors and classmates, structure and accountability. Live ProjectCritique Sessions
icon_small (23) Advantages Interact in a classroom setting, learn from lecturers, and establish real-time relationships. Keeps you motivated and on track whilst having the flexibility of learning at your convenience.

Meet your instructors

Lea Kron

Children's Book Illustrator

and Graphic Designer

Meet Lea Kron, as an accomplished children’s book illustrator and graphic designer, Lea brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Perhaps you recognize her from her captivating work in the popular children’s book, “Cozy Rosy Learns to Clean Her Room,” but her artistic talents extend far beyond that. With numerous books, games, sticker books, and textbooks to her name, she’s excited to share her knowledge and ignite your own artistic journey. With Lea’s passion for teaching, she expertly guides you in transforming your love for drawing into a tangible skill and a rewarding career, while her warm and supportive teaching style unlocks your artistic potential and pushes the boundaries of your creativity.

Adina Cahn

Software Instructor and creative powerhouse

Meet Adina, a creative powerhouse and the seasoned instructor you need to boost your design skills. Whether you're joining the cohort course or opting for the self-paced or fast-track options, Adina is here to mentor and guide you to discover your design capabilities.

Guest Lectures


Fine Art Illustrator






Comic Book Artist

Your Syllabus

Down To The Foundation

  • Setting up your Wacom/any digital pen
  • Familiarize yourself with the illustration software
  • The how’s, why’s, and when to use each program

Sketching And Perfecting

  • Breaking down basic shapes
  • Process of illustration from thumbnail sketches to final drawing
  • The secrets to stylization

The Wonderful World Of Color

  • Understanding the color wheel
  • Using color to create a mood
  • Blocking color on your illustration
  • Choosing color for storytelling

It’s All About Perspective

  • 1-2-3 point perspective
    Aerial perspective
  • Drawing objects in perspective
  • Drawing environments

Characters From A-Z

  • Research what your client has in mind!
  • How to draw and design characters
  • How to work with a reference image
  • Building personality in your character
  • The details, details, and the details again

Lights, Camera, Action!

  • Shadows, highlights and lighting
  • How to effectively use textures
  • Reflection – it’s more than just in the water

Why Choose Design Alive’s Digital Illustration Academy

No upsells, complete education tailored for landing a job

Join a community of like minded peers with job postings and support

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Digital illustration course is run as a cohort based course. This means we release classes weekly to be watched at a time that suits you best with live feedback sessions throughout the course.

This allows you to learn in your time but at the same time learn together with a group stay motivated and receive live feedback. We call it the best of both worlds!

All sessions are recorded and can be watched after. 

If you know you wont be able to attend then we advise you send your homework in ahead of the live feedback so you receive feedback on your assignment in the session and you can watch after.

Nothing, as long as you are computer savvy.

Yes, you can pay for the course over 10 payments.

The course is built around the Jewish year with a winter (Chanukah) vacation and vacation during the month of Nissan. A course calendar will be emailed to all students after registration.

The graphic design, computer graphics and motion graphics courses will require access to the Adobe programs. now only offer a subscription based use of all software with a monthly fee of $19.99 with a year commitment.  Design Alive students can take advantage of this student rate.

Yes. Upon successful completion of all projects and program tests (including regular attendance), students will be presented with a certificate of completion from Design Alive.
There is also an option to gain accreditation for courses completed that can be put towards a degree.