Master the Trade of Digital Illustration!

From the initial sketch to a stunning portfolio that will impress your future clients!

Join an upcoming cohort of:

Digital Illustration Course


2 classes per week


after Sukkos

Go from Zero to Hero

Gain in-depth control of the software

Master the programs; Illustrator, Photoshop, Fresko and Clip Studio Paint to create beautiful illustrations. 

Create depth and perspective in your artwork

Visualize objects and characters in perspective like never before.
Plus learn the easy ways to add depth to an illustration and make your artwork multi dimensional.

Master character design

Learn to create characters from faces to poses, and how to bring them to life in a appealing and interesting way!

Become a professional Illustrator

Understand the ins and outs of starting your own career in illustration. From how to price your artwork, to sending invoices and working with clients. Build a beautiful portfolio with guidence on how to land your first job just like our winter course grads!

I completely enjoyed the DI Course! I received my first digital illustration job only a few weeks into the course, through Adina’s referral. Adina and Lea have been available for guidance – both for business and illustration advice, as I am starting my career. It’s amazing how I am pursuing my hobby and having income at the same time!

Chavee Fink

Digital illustration is for you if…


You have always been enjoyed doodling but would like to start to earn money from your hobby

Summer + talent

Have time over the summer and want to turn your talent into something more

Passionate artist

Just graduated high school/sem and looking for to turn your passion into a career

You will learn from famous Illustrators who have created illustrations like these…..

Meet the Instructors

Lea Kron

Children’s book illustrator & Graphic designer

Meet Lea Kron, as an accomplished children’s book illustrator and graphic designer, Lea brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Perhaps you recognize her from her captivating work in the popular children’s book, “Cozy Rosy Learns to Clean Her Room,” but her artistic talents extend far beyond that.

With numerous books, games, sticker books, and textbooks to her name, she’s excited to share her knowledge and ignite your own artistic journey. With Lea’s passion for teaching, she expertly guides you in transforming your love for drawing into a tangible skill and a rewarding career, while her warm and supportive teaching style unlocks your artistic potential and pushes the boundaries of your creativity.

Adina Cahn

Meet Adina Cahn, a seasoned instructor with 15 years of teaching experience and a mastery of the programs and tools you will need as a Digital Illustrator. Having taught over 650 students, Adina will empower you to confidently navigate these programs with her clear, entertaining and engaging classes.

Through Adina’s lessons you will learn not only how to be completely at home with the software but also how to enable the software to work for you and your art style! With creative goal oriented assignments and point by point direction you’ll watch how your inborn talent will blossom and grow under Adina’s watchful eye.

Join Adina to embark on a journey where you will gain not only intense knowledge but also the confidence to effectively utilize each tool to bring on your masterpiece.

adina cahn

Guest lecturers

Dena Ackerman

Fine art and illustration

Esti Saposh


Teva Ungar

Illustrator and motion graphics artist

Ron Segalovitz

Comic book artist

Student Work

Graduates are working on projects for

See what people are saying!

Chavee Fink

I completely enjoyed the DI Course! I received my first digital illustration job only a few weeks into the course, through Adina’s referral. Adina and Lea have been available for guidance – both for business and illustration advice, as I am starting my career. It’s amazing how I am pursuing my hobby and having income at the same time!

Rivky Illowitz

I’m really enjoying the course! I might be learning this differently than others since I already know how to work the program…but there’s always more to learn and it is used differently for illustration. It’s being taught really well and clear:)!! Thanks so much!
I find it really cool how one program could be used in so many different ways and do so many things! Thanks!

Rivky Heilpern

A most fabulous, thorough, clearly-taught course!

Chani Bishop

Wanted to thank you for recommending me to that company for the job offer …
And, just a huge thank you for all the work that has gone into the course!


Down to the foundation

  • Setting up your Wacom/any digital pen
  • Familiarize yourself with the illustration software
  • The how’s, why’s, and when to use each program

sketching and perfecting

  • Breaking down basic shapes
  • Process of illustration from thumbnail sketches to final drawing
  • The secrets to stylization

The wonderful world of color

  • Understanding the color wheel
  • Using color to create a mood
  • Blocking color on your illustration
  • Choosing color for storytelling
  • Shading and lighting

It’s all about perspective

  • 1-2-3 point perspective
  • Aerial perspective
  • Drawing objects in perspective
  • Drawing environments

Lights, Camera, Action!

  • Shadows, highlights and lighting
  • How to effectively use textures
  • Reflection – it’s more than just in the water

Characters from A-Z

  • Research what your client has in mind!
  • How to draw and design characters
  • How to work with a reference image
  • Building personality in your character
  • The details, details, and the details again

BONUS! Tricks of the trade

Perfecting your portfolio • Business side of illustration • Estimates and pricing jobs • Finding work

Self paced streamed course benefits

Peer learning

Become part of a community of like minded creatives where you will have on going support during the course and beyond

Classes released

Keeps you motivated and on track whilst having the flexibility of learning at your convenience

Live Project
Critique Sessions

Will host live online sessions where you can interact, get critique and ask your questions


Is this cohort live or pre-recorded?

The cohort will be a blend of live workshops which are recorded so you can rewatch at any time. There will be pre and post-workshop work to complete each week.

When do the live feedback classes take place?

We run the live feedback EST time and Israel time to accomodate all students.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes, if you complete all the assignments.

Do I need to know how to draw?

Yes, we will request a sample work during registration so we can assess your level and advise your further.

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