(Computer Graphics)

Spark your creativity with Adobe’s core design programmes: Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Imagine the unimaginable with manipulation in Photoshop, engage your artistic skills with Illustrator, and craft engaging layouts with InDesign. 

Thank you for all the courses that I have taken with you! I did computer graphics, graphic design and portfolio and the optional prep for print courses. I really gained so much and could not have done it without you! The classes are so clear and so organized! It was a pleasure to deal with all my amazing teachers! I can't wait to start the next course with you!

Ahuva Spitzer – Quest Packaging LLC

Design Like a Pro,
Alongside Our Exceptional Students!

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I came out feeling very comfortable in all three programs that were taught. …Each student developed their own style, but Alyse's keen eye for design transformed any project from mediocre to "cream of the crop!" I feel so confident to go out on my own and design and it's all thanks to my amazing teachers that have taught me so well! Thank you again!

Breindy Salgo – Dynagrafik in Monsey 

You are the perfect fit for this course if you are

The graphic innovator
Do you have amazing ideas, but struggle with layout and making things look professional?

The stylish perfectionist
You want your designs to look professional and polished-ready to present?

The design dreamer
Do you feel like you have the flair for design but you have never had the opportunity to learn the adobe software?

Customize your learning
experience to fit your schedule

 Live Learning  Cohort Learning  Self- paced learning
icon_small (15) When Course runs from
Course runs from
Complete in your own time and at your own pace. You are able to begin at any point during the year.
icon_small (12) Classes 2 classes per week 
8.30-10.30 pm EST Learning hours: 75 hrs + homework
4 x 1 hr classes per week 
Streamed classes released weekly to complete in your own time each week. Learning hours: 75 hrs + homework
Complete in your own time and at your own pace. You have 12 months to complete the course.
icon_small (13) Perfect for someone who needs Real-time interaction with instructors and classmates, structure and accountability. Flexibility within a structured learning environment for all time zones A starting point at any time during the year and wants to complete the course at your own time and pace.
icon_small (14) Advantages Interact in a classroom setting, learn from lecturers, and establish real-time relationships. Stay on track in the course as part of a group, receive live feedback and email correspondence to ensure accountability and progress. Start whenever you need, create a personalized schedule, and work at your own pace to complete the course.

Meet your instructors

Adina Cahn


Meet Adina, a creative powerhouse and the seasoned instructor you need to boost your design skills. Whether you're joining the cohort course or opting for the self-paced or fast-track options, Adina is here to mentor and guide you to discover your design capabilities.

Alyse Bayles

Design Theory Instructor 

Meet Alyse, a highly skilled and dedicated graphic design instructor with over a decade of teaching experience. With her guidance, you're in for an immersive learning journey that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to thrive in this dynamic field. Alyse's expertise shines through as she shares her extensive knowledge of the Adobe programs as well as design. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, Alyse is here to take you under her wing and nurture your creative potential.

Your Syllabus

Basic shapes to vibrant illustrations

Understand fundamental shapes, lines, and vectors in Adobe Illustrator. Learn how to create and manipulate these building blocks for your designs.

Advanced techniques for personality

Elevate your artistry with advanced techniques. Discover how to add character, depth, and emotion to your illustrations, making them truly unique.

Colors, patterns, logos, and more

Explore color theory, pattern creation, and logo design. Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator’s tools to craft visually stunning logos and graphics.

Display your talent

Create a final unique project that shows of your creativity and skills in the software.

Tools for stunning imagery

Explore Photoshop’s vast toolbox and gain a deep understanding of essential tools for enhancing and retouching images, creating graphic designs, and more.

Artistic collages, filters and brushes

Learn the art of crafting collages that blend elements from different sources for all creative projects. Discover the potential of filters and brushes. Add special effects and special touches to your designs and images.

Enhance, manipulate,

Explore advanced techniques for enhancing and manipulating images. Reimagine photos and graphics to create visually striking compositions.

Creating, generating and editing AI imagery.

Go beyond traditional techniques and discover the world of AI-assisted image creation. Learn how to generate images, edit AI-generated imagery, and combine images using AI technology to push the boundaries of your creative work.

Polished layouts made easy:

Explore Adobes user-friendly features of InDesign to create polished, professional layouts for various print and digital media.

Type, images, colors and more:

Understand the nuances of typography, image placement, and color selection to create visually engaging layouts.

Single/Multi-Page designs

Dive into the art of designing both single-page materials and multi-page publications, ensuring cohesive presentations.

Creativity expressed through projects

Express your creativity through hands-on projects that challenge your design skills and allow you to showcase your unique style in real-world scenarios.

Why Choose Design Alive’s Motion Academy

No upsells, complete education tailored for landing a job

Join a community of like minded peers with job postings and support

Earn credits with our recognised college level courses


Employment opportunities  


Nothing, as long as you are computer savvy.

Live learning option- All classes and feedback is live.  The course starts in October-July, students learn in a class structure, and learn at the pace of the class
Cohort learning option-The course starts in October, with students learning in a class structure and progressing at the pace of the weekly classes which are distributed. Live feedback is communicated between the teacher and students.
Self Paced option – Students begin at any time during the year. The course is completed at the students own pace. Homework, Grading homework,  and correspondence is all done over email between teachers and students.

In general, students will be expected to participate in all lessons. However all classes are recorded and can be caught up in time for the next class.

Yes, you can pay for the course over 12 payments.

The course is built around the Jewish year with a winter (Chanukah) vacation and vacation during the month of Nissan. A course calendar will be emailed to all students after registration.

The graphic design, computer graphics and motion graphics courses will require access to the Adobe programs. now only offer a subscription based use of all software with a monthly fee of $19.99 with a year commitment.  Design Alive students can take advantage of this student rate.

Yes. Upon successful completion of all projects and program tests (including regular attendance), students will be presented with a certificate of completion from Design Alive.
There is also an option to gain accreditation for courses completed that can be put towards a degree.