Explore user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design principles and master the intricacies of creating intuitive and visually appealing digital experiences, from websites to apps, setting the stage for your UI/UX career success.

Figma, UI and UX

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Thank you Design alive for an awesome course! I am working in an office as well as freelancing and have made back the money invested into the course double within a short time!

Chani Freedman

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“I loved my Design Alive experience. The classes were challenging, exciting and well-taught. The teachers were incredible- talented and knowledgeable- and were always available (even after I graduated the course!) to answer all of my questions.

Eliana W

You are the perfect fit for this course if you are a

Creative Problem Solver
You're drawn to understanding people's needs and behaviors. You thrive on challenges and finding solutions. You're eager to use your insights to design solutions that enhance how people interact with digital products.

Smart Designer
Your passion lies in visuals and design, and you're meticulous about the little things. This UX/UI course will teach you to design not just for looks but also for functionality, taking your products and outcomes to a whole new level.

Tech Savvy Explorer
You enjoy exploring and learning about new technologies, unravelling how things function, and thinking about how they could be improved. You’ll be at the forefront of technological advancements and you will learn how to design user-friendly interfaces for websites and apps that just make sense.

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 Cohort learning with live support
icon_small (4) When Live sessions will be pre-scheduled on Sundays 2-4 EST / 9-11 Israel time
icon_small (5) Classes 3-4 hours of video released each week 6+ hours homework 1 x live class some weeks
icon_small (6) Perfect for someone who needs Real-time interaction with instructors and classmates, structure and accountability with the convenience of watching classes at your chosen hour.
icon_small (7) Advantages Interact in a classroom setting, learn from lecturers, and establish real-time relationships.

Meet your instructor

Rivky Rosenberg

UX/UI Expert

Meet Rivky,  a web and UX designer with over a decade-long expertise in the field. As the founder of Flooid Design, she's a valuable source of inspiration, offering insights into user-centered design for websites and apps. Her experience provides practical guidance for understanding design principles, usability, and functionality in the digital landscape.

Your Syllabus

Market Research and Insights

Learn techniques to gather data on user preferences and market trends. Understand how this data informs user-centered design decisions.

Problem Definition and Ideation:

Explore the process of defining design problems based on research findings and generating innovative solutions to meet user needs.

Presenting to Stakeholders

Develop effective communication skills to summarize research findings and present recommendations to stakeholders and clients. Learn how to convey the value of UX design.

User Testing and Iterative Design:

User Testing and Iterative Design: Understand the importance of usability testing and how iterative design, based on user feedback, leads to improved user experiences.

Figma Tool Mastery

Gain proficiency in the Figma design and prototyping tool. Learn to use its interface, tools, and collaboration

Visual Design Principles

Explore fundamental principles of visual design, including visual hierarchy, color theory, typography, and layout. Apply these principles to create visually appealing interfaces.

Interactive Prototyping

Learn to create interactive prototypes that bring designs to life, allowing for user testing and refinement of interface interactions.

Portfolio Creation

Understand the importance of building a strong UI design portfolio. Discover strategies for showcasing your work effectively to potential employers or clients.

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Why Choose Design Alive’s UX/UI Course

No upsells, complete education tailored for landing a job

You'll master the intricacies of creating intuitive and visually appealing digital experiences

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Employment opportunities  

As more and more of our daily interactions occur via digital interfaces the need for UX UI designers is growing exponentially.


Between the lessons and homework assignments, expect to spend about 5-10 hours a week, plus more before project deadlines.

UI stands for User interface – what the user actually sees focusing on how things look and feel—like fonts, colors, and buttons. UX stands for User Experience, the process that the user goes through, combining design theory, user behavior, psychology, and marketing to create a seamless experience regardless of visuals. 

You are expected to watch each class. 

You’ll have a thorough understanding of UX principles and approaches, as well as UI fundamentals. With trained ability, you will have skills and knowledge. 
As well as a portfolio to show off your impressive work.

Yes, you can pay for the course over 12 payments.

The course is built around the Jewish year with a winter (Chanukah) vacation and vacation during the month of Nissan. A course calendar will be emailed to all students after registration.

The graphic design, computer graphics and motion graphics courses will require access to the Adobe programs. now only offer a subscription based use of all software with a monthly fee of $19.99 with a year commitment.  Design Alive students can take advantage of this student rate.

Yes. Upon successful completion of all projects and program tests (including regular attendance), students will be presented with a certificate of completion from Design Alive.